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August 28, 2010

How Did Bill Gates Do It?

Don't we all want to be the next Bill Gates? Being in college, I surely want to drop out with some crazy idea that makes billions. Sadly, not everyone is nearly fortunate as Bill Gates. I mean, he is the richest man on earth. Read on!

Source: Forbes

Microsoft: By The Numbers by Eric Fontinelle

Microsoft Corporation is one of the biggest corporate success stories in American history. From its humble beginnings in Bill Gates' Harvard dorm room, in only 35 years the company grew to become one of the biggest companies in the world.

The Numbers
1975: The year Microsoft was founded. The company was initially formed as the partnership Micro-soft, which operated for over five years until the firm was incorporated in 1981.

Aug. 12, 1981: Microsoft releases its first personal computer running its operating system, MS-DOS 1.0.

4,000: The number of lines of code in MSDOS 1.0--Microsoft's first operating system.

50 million: The number of lines of code estimated to be in Microsoft Vista.

Aug. 1, 1989: The first incarnation of Microsoft Office is released.

9 cents: the March 13, 1986, Microsoft IPO price, as adjusted for stock splits.

10,000: The estimated number of Microsoft employees that became millionaires as a result of their stock ownership in the firm.

88,180: The number of employees as of April 2010.

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